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Why is it a blade like say a GSB shaves closer in a more aggressive razor but a feather shaves closer in a mild razor. Why is this. Anybody know or thank they know?

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I think feather blades a much shaper and are tamed a bit by milder razors. The reverse would be true of gsb in a more aggressive razor. IMHO

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That would be my guess as well.

There are at least 2 characteristics that I know of with a blade. They are sharpness and smoothness. A sharp blade will prop up a less aggressive razor and help it to perform better. A more aggressive razor will allow a less sharp blade to work better. Of course not everyone will agree with that assessment, including myself. I find that less than stellar sharpness to be a disqualifier no matter what the razor it's put into. Of course YMMV.

Edit: I just realized that there is another side to this coin. A sharp blade can turn an aggressive razor into a real monster for some folks, or help to tame it if the blade is not quite as sharp.

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It's a Zen thing. When the Feather is in a milder razor, the shaver can chill, relax, which improves everything.

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