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I've been working on the "pick a product, use it up" for a few years now. Just finished the remainder of a tub of TOBS and next up is - MWF. Which lasts forever (I've given up on it twice so far.) This time I intend to use it up, and I need your help.

Some brushes are better at giving hard soaps a hardy "what for" than others, and I'd like some community advice. Maybe I've overlooked a potential soap killer in the collection that should be moved into the rotation.

So given the brush collection below, what would you use if the #1 goal was helping me use up my (six? seven?) year old puck of The Fat? Of course it's ok to pick as many or as few brushes as you want, though typically I use a smallish rotation (3-4) at any given time.

(And apologies in advance, this is not meant as a "humble brag", some of these brushes are unusual or limited edition so feel free to stop reading if you think that is the goal of this thread. It's not, I really do want to use up this damn puck, a half puck of Tabac took me three months.)

Badger hair:
  • Rooney Finest (3/1)
  • Rooney Super (also 3/1)
  • Rooney Stubby 2XL Heritage (the old 'gel tips' one)
  • Simpsons Rover 2 in Best
  • Semogue 2013 Texugo
  • Semogue 2011 LE (size 1)
  • Polo 8 with TGN Finest knot
  • Faux Tulip with TGN Super knot

Boar: Semogues: 620, 1305, SOC, 2030B, 2013 Cerda LE, 1800, 1460 with chipped paint

Mixed hair:
  • A bunch of Semogue LE (two with 22mm knot, 2012 LE with 24mm knot)
  • Omega Mighty Midget

And some synthetics (Muhle Kosmo 21mm, Grooming Company, Omega S10081) which I don't think will qualify but I'll list them anyway.
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Unfortunately I'm not familiar with any of those brushes, but it seems to me that whichever one is the scrubbiest and has the most backbone would be the winner. If I were to pick one of my brushes, it would be the DFS brush with the Envy White knot. You could probably use it to scrub floors if you wanted to. Or you could go with the one that has the biggest knot and just load like there's no tomorrow until it's completely full.
- Jeff
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The Semogue 2012 LE with the mixed knot screams out "destroyer of soaps" based on my experience with it. I'd recommend that over any of the badgers and even over the SOC boar.
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Well, I have next to zero experience with badger brushes (or really anything other than synthetics), but the Semogue 620 stood out to me on your list. I used to have a Semogue 610, and you could load that thing for an hour and still have to reload for the next pass.
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Of the badger brushes listed, I would say that the 2011 LE Semogue would be the brush of choice. I haven't used any of the others, but the Semogue has loads of backbone and will eat the MWF, easily. I haven't used MWF in a long time, and I sold that very brush, but the combination worked a treat, for me.
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The best soap eater sort of retail badger is a Simpson Chubby 3 Manchurian.
The best custom soap eater badger would be a Shavemac D01 2-band Silvertip in low loft.

Are they comfortable face latherers ?
For some yes, for others not.
Cheers, Claus from Denmark
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I agree with CHSeifert . Chubby 3 Manchurian is a soap killer.
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1305. I gave one away because it was a soap sucker upper.
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New brushes are not on the table unless someone wants to send me one gratis Angel
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D01 2band is the ultimate soap "scraper"

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