Hi All,

I need some help identifying this handle.  I purchased it from ebay with an ATT head but the seller didn't know who manufactured the handle. Any ideas?

[Image: vj9MrQr.jpg]
[Image: vdf6jsj.jpg]
[Image: T1dsaYk.jpg]
[Image: eQIEqUy.jpg]

Chazz Reinhold HOF
Smells like a Hemple, but I could be wrong.

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Austin, TX
Hempel would get my guess as well. Nice grab regardless and enjoy.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
That beauty looks like a handle Luke Skywalker would use Happy2
Could be from Hustler or Victorias Secret! Sorry I couldn't resist, I'm in one of those moods this morning! Good luck identifying the handle.

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Mystery solved, I believe it is a JEC handle http://jechandles.tumblr.com/

Austin, TX
Never heard of them but they are doing some interesting work- enjoy!
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What kind of metal is it?


Looks cool. Had not heard of JEC before.
Shave yourself.
(04-17-2016, 04:32 PM)bakerbarber Wrote: What kind of metal is it?


Looks cool. Had not heard of JEC before.
It weighs is at 72g
Length: 94mm
Metal: can't say for sure, two tone. Maybe brass and stainless? Heavier metal that's for sure

[Image: 790e78cfb2842bde7c130813a69caaa0.jpg]
[Image: 554a8487f0ccdcc81bd693b061d853b1.jpg]
[Image: b19b7135e7be20bbaa71d03c71bcb9ba.jpg]

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