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Alright folks, I've been at this wet shaving for a number of years now and have a really weak aftershave/ scent game. I keep it super simple: Pinaud Clubman, Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum, and Old Spice. That's it.
Most of the soap fragrances that I enjoy are Barbershop, Fougere, and Spice type scents. B&M Lavanille (love it!) is about the only scent that really falls out of that box; but, I rarely use it. I've done a pretty good job of building a solid, high quality soap collection with a mixture of classics such as MWF, Tabac, Valobra, etc. and many of the en vouge artisan makers Stirling, B&M, Declaration Grooming, Mickey Lee, Wholly Kaw, Etc. Now I need more complementary scents to rotate through. Start shooting your suggestions, I'll take the most recommended and place an order to get this started. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Try some of the artisans of soaps you have and enjoy.  Some, such as Stirling (stirlingsoap.com) and Barrister & Mann (barristerandmann.com) make matching and/or complementary aftershaves.  Also, Chatillon Lux (chatillonlux.com) makes quite a few aftershaves (as well as toners and salves) that are popular and somewhere in his descriptions he gives the various scents that make up the whole.

Good luck in the search. Happy2

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if you're into the spicy/bay rum type scents, try these out:

bay rum:
https://www.captainschoicestore.com/all/...lm-bay-rum (or their splash)

https://www.barristerandmann.com/collect...ave-splash (this is based on the old formula of old spice. personally I find the reserve line of splashes to be some of the best in the business...if not the best)


I believe all of these can be had from Maggard's if you're looking to save on shipping and such. Stirling & Soap Commander balms are well regarded and I use them a lot too.

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Some artisans sell samples of colognes (aftershaves less often). I've bought multiple samples from WSP & PAA, they come in nice little glass (I think?) vials for $1-$1.50 ea.

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Barrister and Mann Seville is one my go to favorites. I’ve tried tons of other scents and brands but keep coming back to it.

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Fougere? Try Knize Forest.
Most aftershaves are a mixture of alcohol and witchhazel that do very little for your skin. There are some that are quite a bit better than what you're currently using with lots of good stuff for your skin.

Maol Grooming stuff is outstanding. West Coast Shaving carries it.
Tallow & Steel aftershaves are outstanding as well.

I'd use either of these if using a splash otherwise I'll use a balm.
Do you like the burn you get from the Pinaud and Old Spice products? These have both been mentioned already, but Chatillon Lux and Tallow & Steel splashes have excellent skincare qualities and plenty of great scents (T&S can be a little hit and miss). But they don't really have any burn to them, which some people like a lot so it could be worth consideration... TSM Fougere from Chatillon Lux is one of my favorite scents, its sooo good.
Try some Fine American Blend. Their L"Orange Noir is pretty nice too. But you haven't satisfied your Pinaud Clubman quota yet. You need to get yourself some of their Lime Sec and Citrus Musk. Those are two of my favorite scents. How about Aqua Velva Ice Blue? I don't remember ever trying Brut but am thinking about getting a bottle of that for myself. Fortunately there is so much out there. The world is your ................... splash.
As someone else said you can get samples. I highly recommend PAA samples for .99 cents each as it's an affordable way to try a lot of scents. You should be able to get two uses per sample on average, maybe three. Some of my favorite splashes are Barrister's Reserve Cool, PAA AL-Fin, PAA Tombstone, Stirling Executive Man and Stirling Ozark Mountain. I also have several B&M aftershaves and enjoy them all, but I do prefer menthol so I like Cool best. Those are the scents I wear often because they are easier to pair with most of my soaps.

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