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So I happened into this razor. A friend of mine, who is an antique picker, sold it to me. He doesn't usually buy razors, but he told me he would give me first crack at any he found. Well he brought me four a couple of months ago, and this is one of them.

I am trying to decide whether to:

  1. Sell it - but I have no idea how to price it
  2. Give it to a friend who I know is looking for one
  3. Have it re-plated and use it.
  4. Do not have it re-plated and use it.
[Image: nnswc06.jpeg]

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Try it before anything, after a clean/sanitize would be my thought. How bad is the top cap?

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Todd, I've never seen one with the signature there before . That's pretty cool and I'd hold on to it and shave with it just the way it is. You'll probably want to ride the cap. I have one from 1914 and I've had several others that have been gifted away.

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Keep it; clean it up and enjoy it.

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Soak in hot water and Dawn Clean up with a mild toothbrush and use it. These are the best vintage Gillette razors IMHO

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I can't price it but can say those are a fairly rare and collectible Old Type, worth more than a standard old type of the same handle style. It was made in 1908 and the conjecture is that is an early trademark design before they decided on the diamond logo with the name Gillette. That has never been proven though.

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I can also say with a good deal of certainty it is legit. Those signed razors are known to fall within the serial range of A37xxx - A40xxxx. They also came in 2 configurations some with only the cap signed and some with the cap and guard signed.

I'd leave it as is and go buy another non collectible 1908 without the logo in the $10 - $30 range that shaves the same. I can say if you sell it you'll get a lot more than $30 for it.

According to the 1995 "safety razor guide" they were listing them as $75 and up. Assume much further up than that in today's market, might go as high as the double ring razors which sell around $300 range. Possibly higher depending how collectible it is to collectors. Also expect the Gillette collecting heavy hitters to jump into the fray for a razor like this if they don't have one already should you decide to sell it.

Nice score, congrats.

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Have you got a shave in with this yet? I've got a single ring on the way so I'm just curious about your experience.

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Not yet.

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nice looking razor. I used to have a 1905 single ring 5 years ago that had tons of tarnish on it: https://damnfineshave.com/thread-1905-gi...gle%2Bring
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