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recopying from mammothben on facebook:

Friends, one of our fellow shave artisans has experienced a terrible tragedy. Derek Wheeler of Wild West Brushworks watched his house burn down. While he, his wife, two kids, and pets are safe, they have lost everything to fire and smoke damage and are in need of support while they try and figure out the best way forward.

I have spoken to Derek and he said that he has gotten a ton of messages of support and outreach, and is very grateful. He is not able to respond to messages right now as he and his family are reeling from these heavy losses.

Let's be as generous as possible to support Derek and his family in this difficult time. Click this gofundme link to support the Wheelers.

To encourage donations, we are organizing a raffle. Every dollar you donate will gain you one entry. Make a donation and I'll then add your spots to the raffle spreadsheet, viewable to all at bit.ly/WheelerRaffleSpots. UPDATE: No longer necessary to comment a screenshot of your donation below as I can view donations in GoFundMe.

It's wonderful to see so many artisans and wet shavers pledge prizes to help donations for this family. If you'd like to contribute a prize, please send me a pm.

We will keep this post updated with any prizes that are pledged, and announce a raffle drawing date soon. Likely we will draw the winner(s) on or after January 1st. NOTE: Not all prizes will be able to ship outside of CONUS.

Please share this post far and wide, everywhere you can. Your personal pages, in your groups, everywhere. Thank you sincerely.

RAFFLE PRIZES (Winner's Choice raffle)
1. Mammoth Kryptonite soap and choice of EdP from Mammoth Soaps. (CONUS only)
2. That Darn Rob custom brush with 26mm Fanchurian v5 finest badger knot, from Rob (open to international)
3. Custom Declaration Grooming brush with B4, B5, B7-B9b, winner’s choice, from Scott. (open to international)
4. Turn N Shave surprise brush, winner's choice of knot, from Milton Shave. (CONUS only)
5. Talbot Authors Ridge set and Mammoth Kryptonite soap, new (donated by Calvin Ricks) (CONUS only)
6. Two Zingari Man Sego soap/balm sets of your choice from Heather. (open to international)
7. Barrister & Mann Leviathan set and Lyssa trio (soap, splash, fragrance) donated by Matt Green. (CONUS only)
8. Custom Lancaster Razor Works shaving brush with winner's choice of knot from Andriy Poplavskyy. (CONUS only)
9. Lancaster Razor Works shaving bowl from Andriy. (CONUS only)
10. Lancaster Razor Works Black Sheep shaving towel from Andriy. (CONUS only)
11. Dogwood Handcrafts 28mm hybrid handle, your choice of knot ($100 value), from Stephen Joiner (open to international)
12. Wholly Kaw Lait Ecreme (donkey milk creme) from Sri Ram
13. Talbot Shaving La Terre Verte set and Catie's Bubbles Inchcolm set in a custom canvas tote, from Chad Irish and Chris Cullen. (CONUS only)
14. Rich Man shaving brush with 26mm F-1 Innovator knot from Rich Hansen (see comments below for pic) (CONUS only)
15. Storybook Soapworks Coffee Spoons set from Lauren. (open to international)
16. Gentleman’s Nod Vincent soap/splash set from Chris and Boyd at Gentleman's Nod. (open to international)
17. Teton Shaves Freestone Series brush from Matt.
18. The Thirsty Badger Shave Company Lather bowl of your choice (choose from in-stock bowls) from Jared. (open to international)
19. Muhle R101 Safety Razor from The Razor Company (CONUS only)
20. Muhle R102 Safety Razor from The Razor Company (CONUS only)
21. Muhle R103 Safety Razor from The Razor Company (CONUS only)
22. Muhle R106 Safety Razor from The Razor Company (CONUS only)
23. Muhle R107 Safety Razor from The Razor Company (CONUS only)
24. Muhle R108 Safety Razor from The Razor Company (CONUS only)
25. $50 digital gift card towards anything on TheRazorCompany.com (open to international)
26. $25 digital gift card towards anything on TheRazorCompany.com (open to international)
27. Through The Fire Fine Craft Aerolithe (tobacco vanilla) set from Maria Arman (open to international)
28. Highland Springs Soap Co. Eclipse bundle - soap, splash and balm from West Coast Shaving (open to international)
29. Grizzly Bay brush (more info to follow)
30. Ginger's Garden Soaps & Lotions Suede soap and aftershave from Irena Marchu (CONUS only)
31. Lakewood Soap Company shaving soap and balm set, your choice of scent, from Linda Morris (open to international)
32. Mammoth Pinky Swear set, WCS Infinity Brush with 26mm tuxedo knot, and Talbot Authors Ridge set from Abraham Villela. (CONUS only)
33. $50 gift certificate to The Simple Man from Boyd of The Simple Man. (open to international)
34. Two Highland Springs Soap Co sets of your choice from Chris and Mary of HSSC (Open to US and Canada).
35. Barrister and Mann Vespers trifecta (soap, splash, EdT) from Will and Paula at B&M.
36. Some Making Required brush handle (choose from available) and magnetic shave stand (choice of walnut, padauk, or mahogany) ($144 value) from Philip. (open to international)
37. Billy Goat Brushworks white and black/purple swirl 24mm tuxedo brush from George, see pics in comment below (ships internationally from Australia).
38. Oleo Morir Sonando set, from anonymous. (CONUS only)
39. Grooming Dept Aion + Lemon Bay + Reverie soaps from Mohammad Abed (open to international)
40. Sawdust Creations shave brush plus knot of choice from Bobby Moffett. See pic in comments below. (CONUS only).
41. Big Shave Southwest 2019 Soap/Splash Set new. Wild West Brushworks BSSW 2019 Brush 01/25 24mm Bobcat New/Unused. See pics below. Brush made by Derek, donated by anonymous. (CONUS only).
42. $75 gift certificate to MaggardRazors.com, donated by anonymous. (open to international)
43. Carbon Shaving Co Cx-316L razor, donated by Sean from Carbon.
44. First Line Shave A Christmas Story trifecta from Michael Riley. (CONUS only).
45. B&M Seville in Reserve set (new) from Alex at TryThatSoap.com. (CONUS only)
46. The Holy Black Jekyll and Hyde Set, crate opened but otherwise new, donated by anonymous. (CONUS only)
47. SouthernWitchcrafts Carpathia and Carmilla soap and splash sets from Courtney Summer Brooks. (Open to international)
48. Langley City Shave Shop maple burl and resin/honeycomb 26mm tuxedo knot brush, plus a Hyde & Drink leather brush case from Alejandro. (pictures in comments below) (CONUS only)
49. Any two shave soaps from Arsenal Grooming, donated by April of AG. (open to international)
50. Karve Shaving Co. stainless steel razor from Chris and Jack at Karve. (open to international)
51. First ever hand-tied Black Eagle Shaving brush, pink Rhino, poured turned and tied by Bradley Rautenbach, plus a Charcoal Goods razor (SS top cap and hand hammered brass handle, choice of brass plate Lvl2 or Lvl3, donated by J Shave. (open to international)

[Image: OKENoNE.jpg]

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Wow! What a tragedy. Good family and a good cause.

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Is it possible to just PayPal him F.F. directly?




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(12-22-2019, 11:20 PM)Ols67 Wrote: Andrew,

Is it possible to just PayPal him F.F. directly?




I'm not sure. You could try asking Ben from Mammoth Soaps on facebook or instagram.
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Thank you for sharing!  More donations and raffle prizes are being added, so check the pinned post at Mammoth Soaps facebook for the latest.  

As for sending funds directly to the Wheeler family, no doubt there is a way.  However Derek has told me that he lost his phone in the fire (along with everything) and is not able to reliably communicate or respond to messages. You are welcome to donate to the GoFundMe or wait to see if you can get in touch with him eventually.

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