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My name is Gary, I live outside of NYC and am currently working on a project in Egypt. I've been wet shaving for about six years so far, originally motivated to do so as I was tired of spending money on replacement blades. I enjoyed shaving with the DE and decided to stick with it. I've kept it simple, after trying 8 or 9 different double edge razors I settled on a Fatip Piccolo. I've been wanting to try a straight razor shave, and thought I would start with a shavette to see I liked it prior to investing in all of the equipment needed for honing, stropping, etc.. I ended up buying a Feather SR about three weeks ago, which I'm currently trying to learn how to use. I've watched a ton of Youtube videos and researched quite a bit on this board.  

I've got plenty of hobbies including fishing, cooking, playing music, and anything technology.


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Williamsburg, KY
Welcome to DFS Gary !

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Many thanks Dave! Good to be here

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Idaho Falls, Idaho
Welcome Gary.

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St. Louis, MO
Welcome from StL

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Shave Sharp, Look Sharp

New York
Welcome Gary!

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Many thanks!
Where from in NY mrdoug? I'm in the Westchester area.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome to DFS, Gary, and enjoy your stay. Smile

Although I no longer live there, I was born and reared in Brooklyn (Sheepshead Bay).

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Hi Freddy - thanks for the shoutout. My daughter lives in Carroll Park, we are not far away in Bronxville. Hope that there are no fires down your way. My colleagues in San Francisco are dealing with that now.


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