Hi all,

My name is Eric.
I have been DE shaving for about a month or two now.

I have shaved in the past with the cartridge stuff and switched back and forth with electric because it was expensive and I had some razor burn.

I kinda stumbled into DE because I was looking at the cheaper Dorco shaving stuff. And saw that they had a safety razor. I really liked the idea that I am only running one blade across my face instead of 5, multiple times.

So I did some digging and wow, is it a deep rabbit hole! Lots of info out here in the web, full of videos, guides, and opinions.

Armed with a little bit more knowledge, I jumped into DE shaving with a Merkur 34C, TOBS Mr. Taylor's shaving cream, a simple Omega boar brush, and a sample blade pack. I used aftershave balm (Dove) from before for the time being. The experience was night and day. I mean, it's not as close cause I was scared of cutting myself, but it was a more enjoyable experience. And I had no razor burn!

Looking forward to learning more, and perhaps trying a straight edge some day!

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Welcome to DFS, Eric.

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Welcome, Eric. Smile
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thanks for checking us out!
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Eric, welcome!
Welcome Eric!

You'll find a wealth of knowledge here, don't be afraid to ask for help or opinions, this lot on this forum are a friendly bunch.

As a fellow Canadian, don't forget to check out the many excellent Canadian based vendors and manufacturers of wet shaving supplies.  We'll help you spend your money here too!
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(03-19-2016, 02:16 AM)beisler Wrote: Hi all--I just shaved with this new boar brush,and having never owned a boar, I have a question. I loaded my brush with my shave stick as always,
but the brush did not hold as much lather as I am used to. Is this a matter of the brush having to break in,and if so,how long does boar take?--Thanks for your help.

I love my Boars - its very important that you soak them adequately before loading/shaving.  Stick it in a mug of warm (not too hot) water while you shower or otherwise prepare - 10-15 minutes should be fine.  That was an epiphany for me and it dramatically improves the performance.  And yes, breaking in is important

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Welcome to DFS!

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Welcome Eric from another Torontonian, eh.


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Hi Eric, welcome to DFS, its great that you've switched to traditional wet shaving with a DE razor, I mean really, haven't you suffered enough with the Maple Leafs? At least now you can have a decent shaveSmile (sorry, I couldn't help myself)

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Welcome to DFS.

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