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I am not new to traditional wet shaving; however, this forum is new to me. I didn't know it existed until just recently. I have been using DE razors etc. for a number of years now. I hope I can find a way to be helpful here. It is good to see some names that are familiar to me here as well.
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Welcome to DFS.
Welcome to DFS.

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Welcome MarshalArtist to DFS! What's some of your favorite gear?

Welcome to DFS! I also live in SE Michigan.
- Jeff

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Welcome to DFS from SE Michigan!

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Welcome to DFS. This is a great community. Smile

Where in SE Michigan do you live? I used to live in Toledo, Ohio, just across the state line. I have acquaintances who live in Monroe.
i'll be in southeast michigan over the memorial day holiday weekend Big Grin

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Welcome. Smile
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