Really glad to find this forum. I've been wet shaving, but; only for special occasions rather than daily for about two or three years. I was given the AOS kit from my wife that included the cheap badger brush, soap bowl, pre shave oil, shave balm, etc. No razor. I had a high end barber here in town tell me that their "best shave in the galaxy" shave was done with a Gillette cartridge; and, that i would be better to stick with that. They did put me on some Castle Forbes Lavender cream that has been fantastic!!!
Well, I'm calling BS on their cartridge mantra. I'm going DE full bore! I've ordered an EJ DE89lbl, an assortment of blades, an assortment of soaps, a Stirling 26mm synthetic brush, and a Shave Revolution 24mm synthetic brush.
i know that people are into collecting and switching equipment; but, i'm thinking about sticking with the same razor and going through many different blade types before changing anything else. If each blade gives me 3-6 shaves i should get a month per pack of 5. i can easily go a year without using the same blade brand/type twice. this should also give me a pretty good idea of how my technique is progressing. what do you think? should i chronicle this endeavor via blog on this site or video? would that be of any interest or benefit to anyone? has that been done? let me know. razor gets here tomorrow!!!

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Hello and welcome!  I change blades weekly, so I don't have to think about it too much. 3-4 shaves per blade, tops. I just recently got the Stirling brush and have been loving it thus far.

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Welcome aboard!

Sounds like you got a good start. I think documenting your experiences, observations, what you learn, and how it evolves would be great. It is always good for people to see this and that others have the same successes and hinderances.

I think a mix of media would be great.

Again, welcome and look forward to having you onboard.

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thanks for signing up.
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Welcome to DFS.

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Hi and welcome! I think keep an online log/journal both personally interesting as well as potentially helpful for others at a similar stage.

I would favor the contribution and follow closely despite being a bit further down the path. In fact, I have been attempting to start a few basic threads that people typically have questions around to establish a DFS forum knowledge base- great tie in to your efforts there too!

Look forward to your first entry!
Thanks for the welcome guys! I'll post my first shave/post shave later today if the razor gets here.

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Welcome to DFS. Smile

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Welcome aboard.

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