Hey gang, just a quick introduction. My name is Jennifer, I go by Jenny. I am the owner/operator of Mason Boutique (Pretty good shave soap from what I hear Tongue ).
I am a mother to twin boys, they drive me nuts sometimes. I am also married to Brushguy. I don't think he is on this forum.

I just recently heard about DFS a few days ago and finally have a moment to say hello.

Enjoy your shaves!


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Hi Jenny, welcome to DFS and happy to see you! And I agree on your soaps Smile If you PM andrewjs18 he can also add you as a merchant.

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Welcome to DFS from a former Marylander that used to work at FM.

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Welcome to DFS, Jenny. We're happy to have you here. Smile

Welcome to DFS! Glad to see another artisan aboard!
- Jeff
Welcome to DFS! Happy to have you here Smile.

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Welcome, Jenny. Smile
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Jenny is amazing at customer service folks! I placed an order while she was away from her home for a few days and she shipped the order while she was on the road. Crazy!

Welcome Jenny and I hope to see AS or Balms from you one day :-) Or a coffee themed shave soap :-) or whatever you want since its your buisness :-)

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Jenny, welcome!
Welcome to DFS.

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