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Hello there:

I am from Madrid, Spain but I spent nearly 11 years of my live in Texas. I am Aggie, Texas A&M University, and I lived in all the Texan big cities, ending up in Austin, Texas.

I have been in the traditional shaving world for almost 2 years, and I have learnt a lot by joining these type of forums. Hopefully, I will have some time to publish my impressions, experiences, product reviews and so on. I have to apologize in advanced because sometimes I say things not too politically correct which can offend some people. When this happens let me know so I can apologize and learn to be more careful.

Thanks for taking me in and I will see you around the forum

Hello Natmizer and Welcome to DFS.

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Welcome to DFS. Smile

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Greetings natmizer and welcome to DFS! You joined a great group! Enjoy your stay! Smile

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Welcome to the site!
- Jeff

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Welcome to Damn Fine Shave, fellow from Madrid.

I probably make more political errors than you do.
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Welcome to DFS!

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Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to DFS!

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