Hello from Bloomington!

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(06-20-2019, 12:23 AM)Lbkindy Wrote:
(06-19-2019, 10:21 PM)Rockwell909 Wrote: New to the wet shaving routine, and this looks like a great place to learn! Thanks for having me!

Welcome! I'm in Greenwood. What does your gear set up look like?

Thanks for the welcome! My current gear is a Rockwell 6S paired with a Polsilver Iridium blade. I have a '62 Slim, and a Fatboy...(can't recall the year on that one). I have a couple Flare Tip SS and a pre-war, and post war Tech. I'm trying a couple samples of soap from Grooming Dept. and have a few tubs from Shannon's Soaps. My brushes are an old Stanley Badger found new at a local antique shop, along with 2 boar brushes from the same. I also have a couple synthetic brushes from a local salon shop.

A true Yo-Yo
PM me sometime. Perhaps we can meet for a beer or coffee. Maybe Hoosiershave can join us.

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Welcome Rockwell909. I live in Carmel. Good to see all the central Indiana folks on here!

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Welcome to the forum Smile

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