DFS The Trench Collaboration with HAGS & The Shave Supply. Going live on 7/5/2024. Read more here!!


Live on the Iowa / Illinois border, am a maker, just finished up 14 months of bearded life (kind of hated it at the end) so I could do my own "animal" testing, now learning the opposite end of the spectrum.

Should be interesting as I somewhat despise shaving, but for most of the reasons that guys stop using cartridges. Always been of the - if you're going to sell it, you darn sure better use it mindset.

Time to get reading!

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Welcome. Smile
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Welcome to DFS and enjoy your stay. Smile

As far as the cost of wet shaving goes, it can be anything you want, from expensive to affordable.  Ask any questions you may have and we’ll do our best to help. Happy2

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Welcome to DFS, cfmaidlow!

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Welcome to DFS !!!

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thanks for checking us out.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Greetings from Belgium and welcome to DFS Wink

Welcome, enough to read :-)
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Hoping to sit down with a cherry bomb or 5 tonight and do some more reading. Work has been real.

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