I am relative new to traditional shaving Smile

For now I am still learning, and my set-up are : 40s Super Speed (Z-1), cheap badger brush, a Barbon cream, and some aftershave balm like Nivea. Still haven`t tried a lot of blades, only Derby Extra, Gillette Platinum and Shark Super Stainless. For now I like Gillette Platinum most.
Is my Super Speed good for beginners like me, or I should look around for any other particular razor?

Hope to find nice people here Smile

Greetings !

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thanks for checking us out.

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Welcome. Smile

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Welcome Barbon,

Don"t worry about speed. It will come with practice. Be more concerned with stye and avoiding bloodletting.
And do not be overwhelmed by the enormous varieties of everything available. Find one of each that you like and use it until you are comfortable with it as long as it is to your liking.
There are many good TV programmes by what I choose to call "Shaving Tutors". Most of whom are very knowledge laden . I have gained my know how by WATCHING & LISTENING to these chaps. Most of them will tell you "Do it this way --- but use your way if it feels better or gives you better results."
You will be an expert in no time. It will be a very enjoyable time.

My first suggestion: Get yourself an inexpensive Synthetic brush. It will cost far less than badger, be much smoother and skritch free, and much easier to clean. It will probably also increase your pleasure when lathering.

Bonne Chance,

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Welcome to DFS, Barbon, and enjoy your stay. That Superspeed should be fine. I have a couple and I get great results from them.

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Welcome to the forum Smile

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gone to Carolina in my mind
Welome to the forum Barbon!

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Welcome aboard

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Welcome to the forum

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Welcome aboard, mate.

Try VOSKHOD TEFLON, it's by far the mildest blade. And most important: focus on your technique, i.e. find the right angle and don't use any pressure. The audio feedback helps finding the sweet spot. And also know your beard growth direction. The most expensive soft- and hardware won't help, if your technique isn't good.

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