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Hey Guys, Thanks for having me on the forum. I have been wetshaving for about 17 months or so. I use both straights and DE's and the odd injector and SE. I love 99.9% of the people in this community and the fact we get to interact with vendors and artisans.
I write a shaving blog 5 days a week and it keeps me busy and I love the feedback I get and suggestions. I am a people person and just really like the sense of community I feel with all my fellow wetshavers from around the world.

Cheers guys!

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Welcome, Jimmy. Smile

Los Angeles
Good to see you Jimmy, welcome!
I really enjoy your blog.....keep up the good work!
Who are you?!!
Hahahahahaha kidding. Awesome to see you here brother!!! Woohoo!

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Thanks for the welcome guys
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