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Hi everyone

My name is Randy Glynn, you can look me up on facebook if you wish, I am also on instagram as Saltydog143.
My wife bought me my first wet shave kit this Xmas kit consists of

Razor - Merkur Futur
Blade - feather
brush - TOBS pure badger
shave cream - TOBS sandlewood
after shave - Lea classic
accessories - razor/brush stand

since Xmas I have purchased:

brush - Satin Tip, The Purest
tester pack of blades
tester pack of shave creams
razor safe to store used blades
Nivea aftershave balm
Thayers original which hazel

Since the wife has gotten me my kit she has been looking into this as well and it has peaked her interest, so what we did next was we both signed up for the wet shave of the month,
It will be interesting to see what we get as she has ordered the ladies set and I have ordered the mens set. Our plan is to wait until they both arrive and sit down and open them together


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Welcome to DFS, Randy. We'll look forward to learning what is in those kits. Smile

Toronto, Ont. Canada
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Welcome, Randy.
Both you and your wife are in store for a pleasant and long lasting experience.

Mickey, Toronto, eh.

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Randy, welcome!

Welcome to Dang Fine Shave, Randy.
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Hi & Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome aboard, Randy!

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Hi Randy and welcome to DFS! Sounds like you are off to a great start. I checked out your instagram briefly and noticed that you are into motorcycles. One of our artisans, DeLuxeShaving has some products that are both great performers and also right up your alley! May be interesting to check out.

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Welcome to DFS.

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Hi Randy, welcome to DFS, I'm a fellow Albertan and have been on DFS for a few months and wet shaving for about 3 years. I'm sure you thanked your wife for her thoughtful Christmas gift but as you get into wet shaving you will be finding yourself wondering what you did to deserve such a wonderful woman who has changed your life in such a meaningful way - this is a gift that you will enjoy and appreciate every day.

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