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Hi everyone,

I am just getting into wet shaving, so I will have some really dumb questions that are of the "why is the sky blue" variety. Please be patient with me.

I bought my first double edge razor last month for about US$4 just to see what it is like. Cartridge shaving it still faster and easier, but there is something very cool and manly and wonderfully traditional about wet shaving that I am really enjoying. Also, some of these razors are gorgeous pieces of engineering. I struggle with the idea of paying $200 for a few, small pieces of stainless steel, but then I am not into cars, so by my mother's logic, I am actually saving money with this particular hobby.

One of my challenges is that I live in Singapore where some of this is so niche that supply is low or non-existent, so I will need to leverage on the BST section. For example, I'm definitely interested in picking up a Blackland Vector, but I can't find anywhere locally that sells artisan club razors, so I may be limited to double edge razors only. First world problems, I know.


Zhang Doe

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Hello and welcome to the forum. There really aren't any dumb questions, but you might search here a bit before asking a question just to see if someone else already asked it. Blackland razors come up pretty often on the BST, and many are willing to ship internationally, so you should be able to get one if you wish. Just about anything can be purchased online now.

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Glad to have you here.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you find it helpful, and that over time, you'll be able to add some items to your collection and learn what works best for you.

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thanks for checking us out.

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Welcome to the forum Smile

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Great to have your here!  I'm relatively new here as well, although not to wet shaving.  Vectors are great razors.  It'll probably be easy for you to source AC blades given your proximity to Japan.  Enjoy your time here!

Enjoy your shaves,


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Welcome. Smile

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Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride

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Welcome to DFS and enjoy your stay. Don’t be afraid to ask those questions as we all started out with little or no experience. Smile

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