Hello everyone, moving here after received bann on other forum. It was because I wrote what I think, well that was not right place to be honest and sometimes is better to be quiet..

I'm relatively new to wet shaving, have couple old friends here and what I immediately like here there is support for passaround and more free discussion about. 

In advance sorry I'm not native English speaker. Happy to try again to build my score as a good member.

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Hi, Tomas... It's always nice to read your posts.

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A Male Kim "Perception is reality." 
Welcome Thomas.

I have been banned from many a forum but so far have done well here.

I do not want to speak for the moderators, but I think as long as you are not mean spirited you will not have any problems here. People here seem easy going and no where near as thin skinned and neurotic as on some other places.

So far it has been great!


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North Carolina
Hi there tomas1870, I think we will like it here.

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Good to see you on DFS!

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Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
Welcome to DFS!

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This post by Dave in KY mentions views and opinions expressed and makes it known that they are "those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of DFS or any other member, agency, organization, employer or company."  Big Grin

Oh no Thomas, not you too! It's Aaron, I guess I should PM you since you can't.  Big Grin

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Welcome to DFS !

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Welcome to DFS. It's good to have you with us. Smile

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Big Grin Hi Aaton. Yes me too. Actually I was shocked to see ban. Just for taking part in discussion where I directly and in public asked moderator if it is all just about money and not about community and sharing expensive, help each other. Answer is: 

You have been banned for.the following.reason: Rude Accusations. 

19 days more and I think PM will works here too..

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