Boston, MA
Brenden here...

I'm new to the DFS forum but I belong to a few around the web, and wanted to expand my horizons a bit. I see some familiar faces...

I have been wet shaving for roughly 10 months. I believe I started in June or July of last year with a humble setup from Maggards.... Well I got bit by all the acquisition disorders pretty bad and have accumulated quite the treasure trove of goods.

Right now I have many of the usual suspects in my den. I am big on the artisan soaps, and tend to tray away from the more commercial stuff, as I find the product to be well made and the service to be fantastic.

Im from the greater Boston area. 22, graduated from college... big into golf.

Looking forward to meeting new shavers and conversing with acquaintances.

San Francisco CA
Welcome to DFS! Happy to have you.

Boston, MA
Thanks Shane


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Las Vegas, NV, USA
Fairly new here myself, but it’s a great forum and it’s good to see new people joining. Welcome, Brenden!
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Welcome, Brenden! Good to see you, here. Happy
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Philadelphia, PA
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thanks for checking us out!!

I'll be in Boston from Tuesday-Thursday.

any good burger spots?!
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Los Angeles
Welcome to DFS.

Boston, MA
Yeah Andrew, I sent you a message with a hole bunch or suggestions for good food around beantown


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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome to DFS, Brenden. It's good to have you here. Smile

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