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Hello everyone! My first day on this site, been wet shaving since 2017, tho sometimes i cheat, WTG, XTG with a DE, and then ATG with a cart (not often, only on important occassions).

I'll try to improve and not cheat anymore! =D

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Welcome to DFS!

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Great to have you with us.

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Williamsburg, KY
Welcome to DFS

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It’s good to have you with us.  By the way, it’s not cheating; it’s whatever works for you. Wink

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There are lots of shaving tools: electric shavers, straight razors, shavettes with replaceable blades, DE razors, SE razors, disposable razors, or cartridge razors with multiple blades. Use whatever tools you have at hand that will allow you to get the best, most comfortable shave.

I shaved for much of my working career with an electric shaver, but never got a close shave. I still have one and will use it whenever I am in a hurry and I do not need to get a close shave.
I used cartridge razors for many years, especially when I was traveling frequently for business and needed something that was acceptable in carry-on luggage. While I could get a close shave, I usually got skin irritation.

After I retired, I was shaving for me rather than for coworkers and clients. I wanted to get a close shave without irritation. That is why I started traditional wet shaving. It took me over five years of research and experimentation before I could ever achieve the kind of shave I was looking for. Now I have a collection of straight razors, DE razors, and SE razors and rarely use an electric shaver or cartridge razor, but I can and do pull them out upon occasion when I do not have time for a proper shave. Because I spent so much time in research and experimentation, I hope I can be of benefit to others so it won't take them nearly as long to get the shave they desire.

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(09-08-2023, 10:47 PM)RayClem Wrote: Because I spent so much time in research and experimentation, I hope I can be of benefit to others so it won't take them nearly as long to get the shave they desire.

I am sure you will, being part of a razor forum and providing tips and encouragement is one of them.

Funny Memory : I introduced wet shaving to one of my co-workers when he was at my place and saw my razor collection, he showed interest, I allowed him to borrow a few of them, the first couple of days, he was cursing me out for his irratation, nicks and cuts, etc. Once he got thru the rough patch, he got into it and now owns more razor than me and I constantly borrow his razors =D

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Welcome. Smile

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- Eric 
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Welcome - good member here, we have a BST history from another forum.

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