[Image: 49SGjVX.jpg]I’m pretty excited for a small project with a friend, Jon, that is on the horizon.  There will be 50 soap and Maol Grooming aftershave sets, scented with a blend of tobacco, damp spring earth, fresh air, flowers, and wet stone.  Follow Hegedus Mineral and Fossil Design on Facebook and/or @hegedus_design on Instagram for upcoming release info.

Jon has this to say about the project:

“I couldn’t think of a better way to help celebrate the launch of Hegedus Mineral and Fossil Design to social media and web than by tying in one of my other hobbies and passions in life.  I am a third generation owner of the mineral and fossil shop Hegedus Design. Growing up in the business, I have countless fond memories of spending time with my grandfather both at shows and collecting fossils.

This release is a tip of the hat to him, and I hope he's looking down with a smile on his face.
The scent is intended to be reminiscent of a warm spring day collecting fossils with my grandfather as a young boy.  He was an old war veteran that walked with a cane (due to his injury from the Korean war) and a pipe in his mouth, everywhere he went.  Half and Half was his tobacco of choice.  Any time minerals or fossils were involved, he seemed to have some extra pep in his step.  He managed some pretty rough terrain despite his injury. We went on many fossil collecting trips together every spring. The rough winters would help to reveal a new layer of material to go through. The scents accompanying us were unmistakable on those days. There was the fresh clean spring air at the forefront, with a touch of floral from the Easter flowers growing nearby.  Following that was the smell of wet rocks and earth from the recent rains and melted snow that saturated the earth.  Lastly, the aroma of pipe smoke floating through the air from pop's corn cob pipe, full of half and half that seemed to never go empty as he puffed away. 

I have to say through a handful of test scents and slight modifications, Chad completely nailed it! Every time I take a whiff of the scent it brings me back in time to that exact place.  It's astonishing how the sense of smell can transport you to a different world.”

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Lovely colours, especially, the background.  Happy2

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From Jon over at Hegedus Design:

Drop update!!!

Date-- Friday, May 8th

Time for paladin brushes-- 1:00pm est

Time for talbot/maol set-- 1:15pm est

Location-- www.hegedusdesign.com

** There will be a limit of one shave set per person. Orders containing more than one will be canceled.

** Shipping charges on multiple orders throughout the day will be refunded. This goes for any number of orders and any item in the shop other than large freight items. Please take a look around and feel free to send me any questions or requests for items you may not see listed.

A little bit of info on the drop. There will be 50 soap and splash sets total. They will be sold as sets with no international shipping. Along with the software there will be 14 paladin brushes featuring j6 knots with custom logos.

A note on the art work featured. The background photo contians a fossilized stingray species known as Heliobatos Radians. This is my favorite type of fossil due to its intricate detail and overall amazing visual display! The fossil species was also the inspiration for the logo of our company. Minerals and fossils are a true passion of mine and this collaboration was made in honor of my late grandfather who instilled that wonder and amazement for Earths natural beauty in me at a young age. Thank you for your support and encouragement as we celebrate the launch of our company to web and social media!

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