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That's right folks, it's time for another classic and once very popular, Phoenix Shaving scent from many, many years back, Lime Ginger Tea Tree! Thanks to you & thanks to the feedback from the sample in our last years advent calendar we have delivered!


Scent Profile: Lime, Jamaican Ginger & Australian Tea Tree Oil. [NOTE: Unlike the original, the reboot does not contain menthol. Most people preferred it without. We do however offer it as an option in a Star Jelly!]

A Decade Of Different!

Being 2022, our 10th anniversary year, it's really nice being able to look back and revisit some of these long lost fragrances that helped make us & shape us into who we are today. Or maybe it's more akin to looking back at a family photo album, but with your nose? [Sorry, I too saw the potential for poetry in that last thought but bailed.]
We here at Phoenix Shaving dedicate this scent to the folks that have been here with us since ground zero and to the newbs who should revel in the current wet shaving world they've come to inherit! Shave On & Stay Groovy People!

The Original Listing [2014]

What could be more refreshing and exhilarating than Lime, Ginger and Tea Tree thoughtfully mashed together...besides the log ride at 6 Flags? Nothing. And, upon further thought, could in fact, be equal to the log ride at 6 Flags.

Kidding aside, this scent was brought to you by very popular demand and kinda out of left field. You see, we originally created our first shampoo/conditioner bar in this scent and didn't think anything much of it aside from this will give a killer tingle & some zing! It was really just a test product that we never expected to catch on...but it did, in a really big way.
Our Old Tyme Lime Ginger Tea Tree shampoo/conditioner bars are our number one selling shampoo bars and I find that odd [Note: this was from 2015s numbers]. Not because they don't get the job done, but because they do and more. The tea tree adds a nice tingle to the lather and the ginger and lime really wake you up with a zing! But it's shampoo/conditioner and that's it, no matching cologne, shave soap, no nada...just a lonely shampoo puck. After the success of this puck I started creating Shampoo/Conditioner bars to match all our most popular scented lines and though they sell well, the Lime Ginger Tea Tree kills it when it comes to sales.....I still remain baffled by this.
The emails and PMs have been off the hook when it comes to people wanting a matching shave soap, deodorant and aftershave! Being known for listening to "the people" we are very excited to spring this one on the masses!

Very good, but what does it smell like? 

To my nose and delight it is not too heavy in any of the key notes but perfectly balanced, a vine-like wall of scent if you will. Very reminiscent of an end of summer garden or cart at the farmers market; green, spicy, vegetive. The scent is vibrant and vital, packed with energy and green light. A very, very refreshing scent that holds onto summer while rolling a wheel barrow slowly into fall.

So all that said, if you love and appreciate our current shampoo/conditioner pucks, you have Lime Ginger Tea Tree to thank, the one that started it all! (and the one that almost got away!)

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