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I came across PantaRei brushes online.  The handles are ceramic and look gorgeous.  I'm wondering how nice the knots are in the handles.  Has anyone here tried a PantaRei?  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

On a similar note, has anyone tried other brushes with ceramic handles? If so, what maker and how did you like it/them?

Cincinnati. Ohio
I have a Zenith brush made by Pennellificio Pandolfo of Palermo, Sicily. Absoutely wonderful brush, thick knot and heavy handle. If forced to choose one brush only, this would be it.

[Image: ULF6gJd.jpg]

that is a gorgeous brush. where did you purchase it?

Cincinnati. Ohio
PM sent

Ceramic handled brushes can very quickly suffer the same fate as many a scuttle.
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Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
Ciao! I’m Alex, the PantaRei owner!

The Original PantaRei Made in Italy Wink
(And not only Ceramic)

[Image: 787ff1c61463ddd32b9c7986fc34706b.jpg]
[Image: fc63c67e791a5ed4f8bb428a4b152ce8.jpg]
[Image: c9abfccf5516759dc7d411c230b1cde4.jpg]
[Image: 2e1372d0acc896910576bdbe2ff0b12e.jpg]

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