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Ontario, Canada
It all started with a simple idea and one year later, the ideas keep coming in waves. A little more than a year ago, smack in the middle of the pandemic, my dad Philip and I hatched out a plan to create and offer hand-crafted safety razors that were true one-of-a-kind and functional works of art. One year in and many innovative and creative razor concepts later, the "Shave It" brand is starting to become a trusted source among novice and seasoned wet shavers alike.
Expanding into the shave soap arena was always part of the plan and the release of our FŌM SHAVING SŌP line back in February was only a start (yes, a major announcement is coming). Actually, as we kick off our second year we have a couple of major projects in the works that will be expanding upon both our shave soap and safety razor games. Stay tuned for those announcements as they get closer to their respective release dates.
Philip and I would sincerely like to thank everyone that has supported our young company to this point and to those who decided to take a chance on us and our craft back when no one knew who we were. Our reputation started growing with your trust in us and we can't even begin to tell you how appreciative we are that you are enjoying and getting good use of our products.
Thank you all for all the kind words and praise you've thrown our way over the past year and we hope to continue to impress as we enter year two. Shave on everyone! [Image: 1f642.png]
Ben - Shave It Shave Co.
"If It Needs A Shave... Shave It"

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