Here is a follow up to my original post a review by Ruds. We are 2 separate people and have no affiliation with each other. I rarely post and Ruds always does YouTube shaving reviews. I felt this will be helpful for those interested


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I am sad about the course of the discussion in another forum.

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Hopefully they’ll come out with more offerings in the future. It sounds like a good razor and the design looks like it would provide a rigid blade and the head looks like it has a low profile, but there are some things I don’t like. I like a head heavy razor and he said this one is handle heavy. The handle is too long for the way I like to hold my razors, but I do like the design . My last issue is that it covers the blade tabs. I know a lot if people like that, but I don’t understand it. It makes the blade harder to load and unload. It also makes the head wider than it needs to be and harder to maneuver.
Head only would be nice, that handle is a deal killer for me.

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This razor looks really nice and I enjoyed the review by Ruds.

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