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Peachtree City, GA
We already have Ethos soap in Success and Clean ready to package for lucky trialers

[Image: s9jae3l.jpg]

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Super excited to try it out!

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Would love to be added to this but still waiting for a reply to the email sent for the 17-4
PM sent

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Posting Freak
Peachtree City, GA
Sending you an email now
I want to try it
DanLaw no email yet. Thanks anyway.
Count me in!

Posting Freak
Peachtree City, GA
PM me bud. The razor fit, finish and QC are Wolfman level while the shave characteristic is quite nice with Ti taking down face feel to less than 0,61 level (which is wonderful for those with sensitive skin) while maintaining 0,71 WR1 levels of efficiency based on a 3 pass shave using the OC baseplate; suspect the SB going to be even smoother. Just a wonderful razor. Working on write up

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