Could someone provide an introduction to the Guerrilla 0.99 and Timeless Slim? Are there any comparisons in terms of blade feel and efficiency?Thanks

It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
The Guerilla .99 offers more blade feel over the Timeless ,5 Slim. However, it’s still offers a very good feeling shave in terms of smoothness & overall comfort. Yes, it is likely to bite faster & easier over the Slim but, with a good hand it delivers an exceptionally efficient feeling and satisfying shave. Personally, I don’t find it overly aggressive but, others might. The Slim offers a bit less negative drama potential over the Guerilla but, it also tames the whiskers while being easy on the skin. At least in my experience so far. I own the Timeless Slim .5 in SS & own the Guerilla in both Aluminum & Brass. All 3 are permanent performers in my shave den & rotation.

Good luck on your search…

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