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I decided to use the new Janus Vegan limited edition "Soap" for this mornings shave. The soap is rather firm in the tub. It would prove easy to load your brush from the tub. I however, scooped out an almond sized portion, smeared it in the bottom of my shave bowl, and got to work.

The lather built rather easily. I would not consider this an extremely thirsty soap but it did handle a good amount of water. This amount of product yielded more than enough lather for a 5+ pass shave, not that I did a 5 pass shave...

I don't know that I agree with Mo's assessment of scent strength, lighter than normal for GD. To me, the scent strength is on par with other GD offerings, which is perfect IMHO. The scent is great! A complex fougere (Mo gave the the explanation). Yes, it does smell like a nicely scented soap and I understand why there were no scent notes given. I love it!

I used no pre or post shave products today (I usually use GD pre-shave and rejuvenating serum). Another WOW from Grooming Dept. IMO. the soap is one of, if not the, slickest soaps I have used, period! My straight gave me an amazing BBS shave with absolutely no nicks or irritation. I, for some unknown reason, decided to test the slickness in a way I never had prior and began a third pass, ATG, after the soap had been shaved away. No problem! The blade still glided across the skin as if the lather was still there.

If you decided to pass on this one, you made a mistake. If it is still available, get it! I can't wait for the next scent released in this base! Just amazing!

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I haven't used mine yet but the scent is really nice and stronger than I was expecting.

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Used it once and am very impressed

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I agree this new Janus Vegan base is phenomenal. Shaved with it for the first time today and it's every bit as good as any of GD's animal tallow bases and maybe better. The efficacy is fantastic and the post shave feel is really phenomenal. The "soap" scent is a light unobtrusive green fougere and I agree with GD in that it is a bit lighter than their other scents. If you're avoiding this because you feel tallow based soaps are superior you're really missing out.

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I like Citrus a lot, I am so impressed

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I used this yesterday and I was impressed as well. He really did a good job.

New soaps are available on his website.
(06-14-2019, 08:05 PM)CK89 Wrote: New soaps are available on his website.

But not this soap.
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“Soap” is available on the West’s coast Shaving website.

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