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I'm delighted Ed McCarthy enjoyed using the preshave! 


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I enjoy it too, Mo. I use it every day.

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+1. Pre shave and Mo’s new bases are incredible.

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I use it before second (XTG) pass - its excellent.   Happy2 Happy2 Happy2

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It is funny but when I am reviewing a soap that I want to discuss online I have to stop using this pre-shave to get a proper read on how the soap actually performs. Grooming Dept Pre-Shave really affects how a soap performs in a very positive fashion.

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Agreed.  I use my other regular pre-shave (Crown Shaving Co. Supreme Glide Pre-Shave) whenever I use a soap sample so that I get a real feel for the soap or cream.  GD preshave masks the differences between many soaps.

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