A. Feitar
Portland, OR
Wow!  This stuff is good.  

[Image: Fp83qm4.jpg]
 Verum is a new GD base made with olive oil.  Amazingly, it has zero olive scent and is a beautiful golden color. This iteration is very soft and is best loaded by scooping and placing 3-4 grams on the tip of your brush.  The lather took a medium amount of water and the slickness is the best I have experienced.  Just when I think the artisanal Soaps can’t possibly get any slicker, Grooming Dept raises the bar.

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Millbrae - CA
Thank you A. Feitar for trying out Verum and sharing your thoughts.

Verum contains more olive oil than any other ingredient! Verum is quite different from other GD formulas. It needs about 8-10 weeks of curing. I have been focusing more on slickness than on post-shave feel. I have been experimenting with olive oil for the past two years. There are two scents that are curing now, I'm ready to share Verum with you in about 6 weeks.

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Gentlemen, where to get Verum?

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Millbrae - CA
(08-19-2020, 04:35 PM)Certif Wrote: Gentlemen, where to get Verum?

Hi Certif Thank you for the inerest in Verum.

Two scents will be ready in about 6 weeks. I'll make sure to announce them here.

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I had a great shave with Verum this morning! The lather is super slick but I still
have not mastered the consistency yet. I did have an outstanding shave with it this morning but the lather was still a bit thin. I know what I am doing wrong and it will
take a bit more practice with this one. My lather was thin and fluffy but boy did it perform! Used my WR2 1.55/1.35 and this new titanium brush and loved the shave! Really looking forward to this one and trying to figure out how to get the best consistency with the lather.

[Image: 622a02cd93a07105828f1b4b0d0cf38e.jpg]

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Millbrae - CA
Thank you george1906 for trying Verum.

Here is my lather from the same batch.


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