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My name is Jay and I live in the Seattle area.  I've got a small artisan business refinishing mostly vintage Gillette razors, but I've done some others as well. Most of the non-Gillettes have been refinish work for customers.  I've developed somewhat of a loyal customer base in and around the shaving community. My little enterprise is known as Delta Echo Razor Works.  For me it's a second job around something I love.  Wet shaving and vintage razors.  The history of things is important to me and I find that doing this suits me.  People have so far been very pleased with what I produce which also gives me a great deal of joy.  So with that in mind, I've also decided to join here as an artisan.  

I'm not really great with introductions. I don't often spend time talking about myself.  I've got a great wife and three wonderful kids.  A dog. [Image: smile.gif]  

In short, I'll be around and you'll see more of me.  Through that you'll likely come to love or hate me.  Typically, there isn't much in the middle.


Jay, owner of Delta Echo Razor Works.

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome to DFS, Jay. Smile

Los Angeles
Jay, welcome! Good to see you here Smile

Fort Smith, Arkansas
Welcome, Jay! I have seen pictures of your work great job.

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Welcome to DFS!

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