Greetings fellow wet shavers,

I have been wet shaving for more years than I would like to admit. First started with a Schick injector, then moved on to the multi-blade monstrosities of present day. A few years ago, I had a renaissance period of using my grandfather's Gillette 1954 Super Speed Red Tip. From that experience, I enjoyed years of great shaves and no infected hairs. Last year I fell in love with the single edge razors of the past. Gem, Ever-Ready, Star, and etc. have been my go to razors.

Of late, I have been looking at the straight edge as my next mania (queue the Mr. Toad reference). I purchased a shave ready Wadsworth Razor Co. XLNT. However, I have no clue other than watching videos on maintaining a straight edge. So I shelved the idea until this past week, where I purchased a Feather AC folding razor. I shaved with it last night and the new mania begins.

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Ive never used a Feather AC, though Ive always wanted to give it a try...

Straights are awesome. I dove into them head first a couple months ago and havent looked back.

Honing isnt as hard as its made out to be. With a decent set of stones between 1k and 12k you can get a nice edge, Ive found. SharpeningSupplies.com has a sale on Naniwa 4stone set right now for $179 for a 240, 1k, 5k, 10k...good starter set. I paid $225 for the same set....

Goid luck and welcime to the fourm!

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Best of luck with your newest endeavor.

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Welcome to DFS.

At this moment in time, you really need only consider learning to shave with a straight, and its stropping to maintain the edge. Razor and strop is all that's needed. Any refresh of the edge on hones due to natural dulling, or improper use/stropping at the outset, is best left to experienced honer. One step at a time. And learning to use a straight razor is extremely satisfying. Smile

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Welcome. Smile
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Welcome to DFS. You should certainly be able to get help here with your straight adventure. Enjoy your stay on the forum; it's good to have you here. Happy2
Welcome from a fellow Virginian!

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