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Toronto, Canada
Hey gents,

TSE brought me here so I thought I'd check it out and participate a bit. I've commented on his videos a few times as well as ShaveTank 's videos so I thought why not come here as well.

I've been wet shaving since about 2009, getting into it around the age of 23, but the hobby aspect didn't really kick in until about last year. What can I say - I've got 99 problems and wet shave money spending is one.  Tongue


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Los Angeles
Welcome! Good to see you here Smile
Hi Keller,

Welcome! Great to see more members from TO!
Hello Keller
Welcome to the forum from across the pond NI

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Hey and welcome Buddy. Great to find you here.
The Shave Tank
Check out my channel:

Greetings and welcome to a fellow Ontarian! Big Grin I'm a bit more north than you are in the North Bay area Big Grin

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome, Keller. Smile

Toronto, Canada
Thanks for the warm welcome gentlemen!

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