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South Africa, Johannesburg
Good day fellow Wet Shavers,

Thought I would pop in and introduce myself, I started Master Shave in January 2015 to provide a suitable platform for the South African gentleman to learn, discuss and access high quality shaving goods and services. We understood that wet shaving was and still is a very new concept and therefore only made sense to me that I launch a forum to grow and nurture the tradition of wet shaving in South Africa.

There is still so much to be done on the forum side of things and to continously enhance certain aspects to ensure positive growth, on that note there has been tremendous growth over the past few months and continue to grow exponentially as the weeks pass. I will be checking in as much as possible and contributing where I can.

Glad to be here and sharp shaves to all!

Stu  Smile

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San Diego, Cal., USA
Welcome, Stu. It's good to have you here at DFS. Smile

Los Angeles
Good to see you, Stu! Welcome Smile

The Dude Abides
Welcome Stu!

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