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First blog I have ever joined in my life! Have hated shaving for about 45 years, then about two months ago I decided to make it an adventure rather than a chore and I discovered wet shaving- now I regret I only have to shave once a day. The guy who said this is so much cheaper than using cartridge razors obviously never suffered from GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome). I think I've spent more on shaving soaps in the past month than in all my 61 years. I really have to slow down, but I'm waiting on my new Boker 5/8 King Cutter. That'll do some damage.

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Welcome to DFS Smile. I can identify with your acquisitions issue lol.

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Welcome to DFS.  It's good to have you here. Smile  

For discovering wet shaving only two months ago you certainly have made up for lost time. Winking  You are definitely in good company here.

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Oh, you're going to fit in just fine Smile Welcome to DFS LuceMPA . I was very much the same. Really couldn't stand shaving, would shave only every 2nd to 3rd day and never on weekends.

My wife was reading an article on a flight about wetshaving and pointed out a picture of a DE razor, saying it was right up my alley. That was some 11-12 years ago and I never looked back. My morning shave is such a great and important way to start each day I actually regret skipped days.

Regardless, glad to have you aboard!

Welcome to DFS, your friendly neighborhood enablers!
- Jeff

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Welcome. Happy
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Good to have you!
Live well, shave well

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Welcome to the gang LuceMPA!

Welcome to Damn Fine Shave, Luce.
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