Hey everyone, I’m new here. Trying to get my 10 post requirement fulfilled.

I’m from Orange County, California. Specifically Anaheim. I started wetshaving 6 months ago now and I must say I didn’t love it until about a month ago. When I started I was using DR Harris soap which is a very hard soap and not knowing anything about how to lather properly I struggled a lot. I looked online to see if there was any shaving stores nearby so I can go get some guidance with lathering and to my surprise west coast shaving is less than an hour away from me. I went over there, the guys totally helped me out. I told them my problem, they asked what soap and brush I use (omega boar), they take the same soap and brush from their inventory and start demonstrating how to properly lather. I go home with a new sense of confidence and find that I was able to improve the quality of my shave with more practice and the guidance I received From WCS, but I still wasn’t in love, shaving was still a chore, and I still wasn’t happy with my soap. DR Harris performs great, but the scent is too subtle ( I have the lavender version) most of the time I can’t smell it. Then last month i decided I’m going to go back to WCS, I keep reading online about how great artisanal soaps are, I’m gonna try some out. I go back to WCS and start smelling some of the soaps. I wanted to try one from most of the artisans, the WCS staff people help me out by recommending some. I end up spending about $200 on a lot of soaps like Declaration Grooming, Barristar and Mann, Whollay Kaw, Chiseled Face, A&E and I forget what else. The next time I shaved it was with a BM soap, I was just blown away, the slickness in that soap was phenomenal, the smell of Cologne Russe was so captivating, so complex, I just wanted to lather forever. That’s when I knew I was in love with this hobby. Shaving is no longer a chore. It’s something I look forward to every night. Now I’m just in the search for soaps that call my attention and I guess that’s why I’m here. I’d love to be able to use the BST you guys have here. I’ve seen some good stuff already. Look forward to getting to know you guys as well.
Welcome and if you enjoy artisan soaps, then Mystic Water soaps would be a superb addition to your collection. Smile
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Thanks celestino. Haven’t heard of mystic water but I’ll definitely check them out!

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Hello and welcome.

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Welcome to DFS and enjoy your stay. Smile
Welcome! Yep, once the chore turns into a reward, you are definitely hooked. I would recommend you try some of Grooming Dept products. Add yourself to their mailing list so you have a chance to buy before they sell out. (they usually sell out quickly)

Enjoy the journey!

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Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the great introduction! My experience when starting out was a bit similar to yours, meaning that wet shaving at first wasn’t quite as easy and fun as I had imagined. Once things click, there’s no turning back, though. Smile

Sounds like you already have some great “software” — I hope that with some time, you will learn which brands and scents work best for you, and that will help you with possible future acquisitions.

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welcome... I would love to be able to stroll into WCS and have a sniff before purchasing....I just
bought a lot of soap blind from them.

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