Just wanted to say that Maggard's continues to be a great store. I've been buying from them for years and they're first rate. So is Bullgoose and Italian Barber. 

Recently, I bought a razor from ShaveNation. My first time ordering from Geo Fatboy. Great service, fast shipping, and a handwritten thank you! I love Geo's videos. The man can shave with anything! He's fearless. 

I live two blocks from Pasteur on Lexington Avenue, and three subway stops from Pasteur on 34th aka Shave Mecca. So I'm fortunate. I can go in and browse and get darned near anything I could ask for. Still, I enjoy doing business with places like Maggard's, Bullgoose (Phil is tops), Italian Barber, and ShaveNation. That "Hey there's a package for me!" jolt is fun and brings me back to my childhood. 

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I get that same feeling, just like when a new book from the Science Fiction Book Club!

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