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In the mail today 2 packages. 4 ever ready streamlines,yes 4, and some software. T&H No. 10, LPL Dandy, LPL Cypres Boise, and Tabula Rasa August. Facial hair hurry up and grow, tomorrow morning seems so far away!

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Great mail call. Those SE razors are such great shavers!
Bob from Virginia

Austin, TX
That's a great haul Deuce428- enjoy!

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That is a fantastic haul. Enjoy. Smile

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Dallas, Texas
Thanks all great shavers indeed I had one attached to a monster of a handle the Zeus 3xl which weighs a ton. I put it in a cup of water asi do before I shave and I must not have put enough water in the cup and the handle weight caused it to tip over and fall to the tile. The head must have hit first as it was pent and dinged while the handle didn't have a scratch. Now I'm covered. I mean my backup's backup has a backup if you know what I mean.

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- Jeff

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