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Nashville, TN
I got a straight razor for myself for Christmas. Glad to say that my jugular is still in tact!

I'm really enjoying this so far, though haven't developed skill to the point that I'm getting all the advantages. I'm getting closer though.

There is something both sophisticated and badass about shaving with a straight. Heck, James Bond used one in Skyfall.

Last night I shaved with it and this morning still had areas where I couldn't feel any stubble going against the grain. Moving forward, I won't try to get that close as it doesn't result in a comfortable shave.

My biggest challenge as I've learned to wet shave has been the ability to stop at 'close enough' in pursuit of the baby butt shave, which always leads to weepers or irritation.

Shout out for Whipped Dog, who clearly cares about his customers. Also, while I don't think he has a business, I got my straight from BadDad and can't say enough about the quality of the razor and the fairness of the pricing.
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That's a great way to start off the year. Don't feel compelled to chase BBS. Let's see some pictures of that razor.
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One thing you will learn about straights is the honing can play a big role (even in well honed razors)
In general (but not always) synthetic stones can leave a bit of a harsh edge (which can lead to the weepers and irritation)
While, natural finisher tend to leave a bit more comfortable edge ( but again, not always)
Prep can be a little different then a DE/SE. So don't be afraid of a little wetter lather then you are use to.
Have fun!
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Southern Ohio
Glad you are liking the razor. Started using a straight razor last year and will never look back. Enjoy!
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(01-02-2017, 05:03 PM)CrowneAndCrane Wrote: ... Don't feel compelled to chase BBS. ...
Sage advice. And remember that, on average, it takes 50-100 shaves to get truly comfortable.

Enjoy the new experience -- it's the best shaving experience you can have, because it's the most primal.

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Ferndale, MI
^Whoa, what's up with that "lather"? I think it's time to find a new barber.
- Jeff
(01-03-2017, 05:53 AM)wyze0ne Wrote: ^Whoa, what's up with that "lather"? I think it's time to find a new barber.
By the third pass, that's pretty much what my lather looks like. Slick is more important than thick on the final pass, especially with a straight, IMO.

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