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Thanks for the story and the tips @"nikos.a" , that Tech looks to be in excellent condition.  I've got a few Techs, one was my father's and the others I've found out in the wild.  I've had a couple of them replaced by Chris at Razorplate.com. He does great work.  They're very comfortable shavers and a pretty economical vintage razor to start a collection with if you're that way inclined.  There was a ton of them made so they're not hard to find although to find one is as good a condition as this one is a little harder.

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I have that same scuttle. Very nice.
(03-01-2020, 10:42 PM)Whisk-her Away Wrote: I have that same scuttle. Very nice.

Steve Woodhead is a master in his field.
It's hard to tell in pictures sometimes whether it's a gold or nickel Tech.

I have a late '40s US gold Tech with the narrow handle and also got a fat handle for it. (The fat handle is nickel, but it's in perfect shape so I don't mind that it doesn't match.)

They're very nice razors. I even like my Tech better than my adjustable "Black Beauty."

Some days I like the narrow handle better and some days I prefer the fat one. :-)
I had a similar find on Ebay last fall.   Seller had it listed as "Old razor".  It was the only razor in their store; the  rest of their items look like stuff you would find at an estate sale.  This is the condition it was in when I bought it for $8.00 US, free shipping.  [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]No cleaning, just disinfected it and started using.[/font]

[Image: 3HimKQS.jpg][Image: A95wFAi.jpg][Image: VJeAKYQ.jpg]

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