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I’m not inclined to buy a 50 dollar stand when I buy a premium razor.  These guys are 8 bucks a pop at amazon.  They fit timeless, Rockwell, ikon, Merkur, Parker variant, very well.  Old Gillette’s will sit in there but it’s not a great fit the stand is a tad too big for them. The same can be said for PAA razors.... I can’t speak to others.  Oh above the tie fits well too.  I only ordered four of these to start but they look good and do the job so I’m going to order a bunch more to fit the razors they fit well in my den.

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But they don't match the finish on your razors! Big Grin

Just kidding, nice find!

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- Jeff
a heck of a deal if you are into stands
Thanks for info!
Nice find!! What material are they made of?

I just recently saw a few designs on eBay that were pretty inexpensive as well but they didn’t list the material.
Saw a few of these on Amazon too. Most of them are alluminum alloy, which is fine for the price of $8. Its not the most important part of the shave anyway. Nice find and thanks for the info!

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