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Omaha, NE
I've been looking to try some different pomades (water based) and was wondering what some of you gents are using.
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South Saint Louis, MO
I love Mickey Lee Soapworks' water-based pomade. Even better that the Grand Havana scent is stupid good.

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Anchor's Teddy Boy Matte.
It's the only pomade I use these days. It has all the benefits of an oil based pomade while still, somehow, being water based.
The new formulation is even better - less shine and a bit stronger hold. Fantastic product.

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To date I've tried Suavecito (Firme and Original), Steadfast, Prospectors Iron Ore, Old Spice Spiffy (terrible, used it twice and threw it out) and now I have Layrite Original. Out of all those I think I like Layrite the best although now hawns has me curious about Mickey Lee's Grand Havana. I love tobacco scents! The Anchor's Teddy Boy sounds good too, I have to try that one.

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Thousand Oaks, CA
I too am really enjoying the Mickey Lee Water Soluble "pomade", although its almost like a dense whipped cream consistency and unlike most modern pomades. It does wash out easily enough with shampoo, but water alone wont get it all out in my experience.
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Early in 2015 I tried most of the highest regarded homebrewed pomades, especially the water based ones. The only one that I never want to be without is O'Douds All Natural.

O'Douds Water Based Pomade

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Has anyone tried Shear Revival Pomades? I've been thinking of getting "The One Who Knocks" to try out a whiskey type scent but was curious about the performance.
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(01-22-2016, 04:32 PM)kentuckygent53 Wrote: Has anyone tried Shear Revival Pomades? I've been thinking of getting "The One Who Knocks" to try out a whiskey type scent but was curious about the performance.

Shear Revival is pretty good. I personally didn't care for Zach's scents but I'm definitely in the minority's on that. Most people adore his scents. I have TOWK and would be willing to part with it. I need to pull it out of a box and make sure it's still in good condition if you're interested.
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Austin, TX
You all are making me curious- a long while back my barber used some American Crew Fiber. Seems pretty pedestrian based on some of those recommended but it works for me and my hair.

If I were to take the leap into a true pomade, in your expert opinions, anything similar? Low shine, strong hold? Thanks!

kwsher, after my last haircut my barber used some of that and I liked it too. It's just the price for the amount you get is what turned me off from purchasing some. I like the low shine, high hold aspect as well so I'm interested in seeing others suggestions for alternatives too.

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