I posted how we broke our tractors cab door in this THREAD

The door finally arrived and we were able to successfully replace it.

The door was all safety glass and shattered. I had to start by removing all the hardware from where the door use to be.
I am grimacing as these were screws I could not loosen even after multiple applications of Liquid Wrench.
[Image: MvzqESy.jpg]

I needed much more leverage than the screw driver supplied. I used a 3/8 socket drive wrench with a 1/4 drive adapter. This was fitted to a 1/4" socket attached to a magnetic bit holder with my largest Phillips head bit. The wrench supplied the leverage I needed.
[Image: fFYT6fk.jpg]

I ordered the RH glass door and gasket.
[Image: Q5LQ48f.jpg]

All other parts were re-used. This is ML gently removing the shattered glass from the lower door hinge. It incorporates the door's handle. The pizza box collects the busted glass aiding in cleanup.
[Image: nNxBwrO.jpg]

To keep all the removed parts in order I put them in a pizza box lid. I poked holes to hold screws and bolts and labelled it all.
[Image: oJSAwG2.jpg]

Once we got the door gasket on we mounted the hinges and handle to the door. Then we mounted it.
Lastly we mounted the door lever and lock mechanism. This was easier than I expected. We had to take it apart and then put the two halves and mechanism together with the glass door in between.
[Image: ckeNYQP.jpg]

The hard part was the simple plastic cover over the mechanism. It was held on by 4 tiny screws that needed to be mounted in a 2 inch deep tube.
Would have been easy if I mounted the mechanism while the door was flat on the ground. I could have dropped the screws down the tube.
Not so easy with the door mounted and the screw access tubes now horizontal. A rare earth magnet on the shaft of the screw driver held the screw at the tip so ML was able to place the scre in the hole. Whew.
[Image: V4JFxE1.jpg]

It took as 4 hours to do that. We were very cautious as I did not want to break the new glass inadvertently. So we moved slowly and with deliberation whether tightening screws or mounting the door.

But it all went well and my baby is as good as new.

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