Hello all.  I have been active on here for the past few days and am well overdue in posting an introduction.  I am a TN native but have uprooted my family to the Cleveland OH area to attend medical school.  I have only been in this hobby for 4 months.  I made the switch out of necessity as I couldn't seem to rid my neck of pesky red bumps and razor burn with the can and cartridge.  I am pleased to say that I am now sporting a bump and irritation free neck, albeit after a pretty intense learning curve.  

I have been a habitual lurker on other forums over the past 4 months, but Chris Bailey (my fav youtube shaving personality) mentioned this sight during one of his videos.  I decided to check it out and have since jumped right in.  I have enjoyed the friendly conversation and advice from fellow wet shavers, and am happy to be a part of the DFS community.  I look forward to growing my knowledge base and experience in wet shaving, while enjoying the camaraderie that this sight provides.


Philadelphia, PA
thanks for joining.
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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Welcome, Derek. It's good to have you here. Smile

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