Recently I acquired a couple of bottles of this through a trade. British Empire and Irish Twede. Anyone else have experience with this stuff? I'd be curious as to others thoughts on this. Here are my thoughts after using both scents a couple of times.

1. Classifying this as a "splash" is a reach for me. This is a runny gel. It's almost like a balm and a splash had offspring.

2. It's loaded with ingredients great for the skin (Aloe, witch hazel are very prominent) but this stuff is OILY and GREASY and for me, it leaves my skin looking as such for some time after application. So much so, that at work in the morning one day a comment was made by a co-worker "what is on your face sunscreen?" That's not something I want people to notice when I wear an after shave.

3. Scent Strength. This seems hit or miss. The Irish Tweede variety was much more potent and lasted much longer than the British Empire. I would say the British Empire scent Strength/staying power is weak, while the Irish Twede is moderate.

4. Menthol is present in both and you can definitely feel and smell it but it's not overpowering, this is something I enjoy in an aftershave.

5. I don't think I will be using this as an aftershave after I shave anymore to be honest. The thick oily feeling coupled with the lack of staying power just isn't worth "fighting through" when I have so many other aftershaves I enjoy in the den that I feel are much better as "aftershaves". That being said, I will use these bottles and enjoy using them as "lotions" in the fall and winter here when the air gets super dry. For that purpose, I could see them being wonderful. I threw some on after mowing the lawn this evening and while I didn't shave the menthol and scent was nice out of the shower and left my skin feeling good. So I don't think this is a terrible product by any means, but I don't think it's best use for me is as a true aftershave. Frankly using this as a lotion will be a pleasant experience. Good smelling "manly" lotion is hard to find.

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Nice overview- I haven't tired GG products but like you I don't care for nor need heavy moisturization. Don't care for that "greasy" dry down.

Good to know!
I agree that lotion is a good word to describe her AS. In all the ones I have ordered, scent strength has been mid to strong (I don't have the scents above, however). Regarding face feeling, in cold weather, I splash/pat a bit more on for residual moisture that lasts for quite awhile; in warm weather, I splash a bit less but then I lightly rub it in like a balm which leaves my skin soft, supple without greasy residue. I really like this versatility, but again,that is my experience based on my skin chemistry.

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They have a lot of vegetable glycerin in them. I had the same problem at first with the oily feel. I found that a little goes a lond ways. I have best results using about a third of what I normally use in a splash.

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Good to hear, I was thinking about trying some. I still will, but will plan to follow the "little goes a long way" rule. Cheers.
GG aftershaves do have a thick consistancy from the skin conditioning ingredients, and I recommend rubbing in into skin like a balm. The only one I have tried is the Aventus scent, scent strength is great and the wife loves this scent (which is a plus) and the menthol cool feels great and I have been happy with Gingers Garden products so far.

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I'm wearing one of her AS right now. It's her well known suede scent. It's been hours and still smelling it pretty good. A little goes a long way. Think of it as a sort of liquid balm, if you will. Use a small amount (maybe size of a penny)and rub it in real good. If you do that, won't be greasy or tacky. My face feels very, very smooth.

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Unless you are the lead dog, the view never changes...
You definitely have to apply it lightly - it contains a LOT of aloe and glycerin. Put a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together to distribute and then massage onto your face well.

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