I wonder if any of you know of any reputable vendors who carry the Gillette Wilkinson Sword Saloon Pack made in India blades.

I did buy some online, when I received the package the blades ended up being the made in China versions.  I just want to try the blades which are Kensurfs favorite.

When I look on eBay, and contacted a couple of sellers there, they gave me unclear responses, like "the photos are just representation, the blades you will get are gillette/wilkinson blades sold in India".  Some other sellers on eBay show the "saloon pack" large box, but then the photos of the 10-pack blades are those of the made in China blades.

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I have a bunch. I'd have to double check to see where they are manufactured. We are shipping a tuck of these with our razor we sell. I personally like them.
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If you request as such when ordering from Maggard they will only give you the Made in China ones.
BPman, thank you for the link to the wilkinson sword thread.  No wonder I am having difficulty in buying the made in India saloon pack blades, seems like they are no longer being manufactured.  I guess I have to rely on luck in finding someone who has new old stock of the Indian blades.

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These are still in production as I picked them a few months back from a supermarket here. I keep on buying random blades but have not used them so far. Will try them soon...

Here is a pic, hope you are referring to the same blades.

[Image: 5c2ea65ed5f11480bbb8fbeaec04cfa3.jpg]

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jags009 - yes those are exactly the razors I have been trying to get. 
Any chance you would tell me which seller has these in stock?
(02-24-2020, 06:51 AM)FernM Wrote: jags009 - yes those are exactly the razors I have been trying to get. 
Any chance you would tell me which seller has these in stock?

Like I said I visited a supermarket in my home town and picked these up. That's not an online store. If you want some, let me see if i can pick some for you on my next visit there. How many are you looking for?

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I read somewhere that the Gillette Wlkies were manufactured in India and then they changed manufacturing to China, whence they are exported to India. Essentially the same blades. I've tried them and IMO they are fabulous. Sharp, consistent sharpness in use, very smooth.
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I popped one in my Rex Ambassador today on a setting of 3.5 and was blown away with the quality of shave. I am going to be on a lookout for a 100-200 pack of these. I shall let you guys know incase I bump into a wholeseller.

Another factor towards this morning's shave was Zingari Sego soap....awesome performance.

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I used a Chinese one today and it's a very good serviceable blade. Gillette makes better blades for sure, but not as cheap with the exception of the Astras.

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