I acquired a great many of these vintage Gillette “Spoiler” blades based off of the stellar reviews of their performance on the forums. 

When I finally got around to using one I was very disappointed, and I tossed it after two or three shaves.  

Today I tried the second one out of the same dispenser, and now I understand the buzz.  The performance was as good as any blade I have ever used on its first go...super sharp, and ridiculously smooth!  It simply wiped the stubble away.  Zero nicks...zero weepers...fantastic!



[Image: DJZOqiE.jpg]

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Question about "the spoiler"" Gillette blade:

    What is the difference between "the spoiler" and other Gillette blades?  (coating? thickness?  cutting angle?  type of steel? higher tolerance and qc?)

  Could it be fancy marketing to sell more blades?
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I don’t know the history of the “spoiler,” but I have looked at the different commercials for the vintage blades from the golden era, and they all used clever marketing to sell more blades.  There are the old Spoiler, Personna 74, Wilkinson, Gillette Plus Platinum, etc commercials on YouTube.


Interesting!  Thanks for posting!



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