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Which one is sharper?
Gillette Stainless: https://www.barbierit.ro/produs/lame-gil...achete/262 or Gillette Platinum: https://www.barbierit.ro/produs/lame-gil...achete/261?

Chicago Suburbs
While I have used a lot of different blades, including the Gillette Platinum, I have never seen the Gillette Stainless, at least not in that red package.

Typically blades labeled as Stainless, have one or more PTFE coatings while blades labeled as Platinum have a sputter coating of platinum plus PTFE.

The listing for the Gillette Stainless blades indicates that it is made in the Gillette plant in St. Petersburg, Russia. Gillette exited that facility in 2022. There are several blades that were made in the PPI plant that might be sold as Gillette Stainless. Those options include:

Astra Superior Stainless
7 O'Clock Sharpedge (yellow)
7 O'Clock Super Stainless (green)
Gillette Minora
Gillette Nacet
Gillette Silver Blue

Of the blades listed, Gillette Nacet and Gillette Minora are super sharp and Astra Superior Stainless are very sharp.

The other blades listed, including Gillette Platinum, all fall into the mid-sharp category. They are suitable for most shavers who do not have super tough beards or multiple days of beard growth. The Gillette Platinum blades are a favorite of many shavers.

Platinum coatings are used primarily to extend the life of the razor blade edge. There are platinum coated blades that are super sharp and there are those that are less sharp. There are stainless blades that are super sharp and those that are less sharp. Thus, you cannot rely on the platinum designation or lack thereof to determine blade sharpness.

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