Gillette Slim (I-3) is in great condition. $50 shipped.

RR Baby Smooth is in great condition as well. $105 shipped.

Crown King "Suave" 26mm Synthetic Brush. Only used twice and comes with the original box. $25 shipped.

PM if interested. PayPal family/friends only. Thanks gents.

[Image: rPrF6Pi.jpg]
[Image: UnCl1jN.jpg]
[Image: jF9Y3xx.jpg]
[Image: 51fH4vT.jpg]

[Image: WbCIjrr.jpg]
[Image: jsKlbOJ.jpg]
[Image: jdA4nKJ.jpg]

[Image: LRnp8ne.jpg]
[Image: oIwINSG.jpg]
Some nice items here. From the photos shown it appears that the Slim has some significant scuffing on the doors and end caps. $50 is top dollar for a Slim in excellent condition. Again from the photos posted I would rank this one as good user grade.
Please note that as a potential buyer the PayPal friends option is unacceptable since it provides no protection. A price revision on the Slim and a change of PayPal terms may help with the sale.

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Thank you for your input. The price for the Slim is something that can be toggled in a potential sale between seller and buyer. I see where you are coming from on the scuffing, but it doesn't hinder the performance of the razor, nor is there any fading or rusting on the razor. An up close, detailed iPhone camera will expose such details, but to the naked eye, it is a razor in mint condition.

I shall look into the payment methods. Thank you again!

Philadelphia, PA
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hi Dino de Soto, if you fix your thread (change the bit about paypal gift), you can report your post or PM one of the mods or myself so we can move your bst ad back to the proper location. right now only admins, mods and yourself can see this thread.

my suggestion is to raise your price if you want to get close to the $108 you're asking after paypal takes their fees...it's 2.9% + $.30 per sale: https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-fees
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